Getting through the week is always tough so when you need a pick-me-up, try out this Chocolate Mousse. Whether it's for dessert or a cheeky snack, it hits the spot with the right balance of light, fluffy and rich - everything you want in a mousse!


300 grams baking chocolate, extra for serving
3 eggs, room temperature
2 Tbs cup white sugar
300ml heavy cream, extra for serving


1. Melt the chocolate in a double boiler, stirring until fully melted. Allow to cool slightly. Separate the eggs yolk and white. Mix in the yolk to the chocolate and beat until smooth. Whip up the cream and fold in the chocolate mixture. 
2. Beat the egg whites until stiff, then gradually add sugar while still beating. Gently fold half into the chocolate mixture, then add the rest. Scoop into jars and chill in fridge for an hour.
3. Take out of fridge 15 minutes before serving. Top with whipped cream and grated chocolate.

Chocolate Mousse

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